by: Celine Marie T. Montalla


FMAP members assembled at the Taipan Restaurant at the Tower Club for the June GMM, which began with the opening remarks from FMAP Vice President and Media Committee Head Smith L. Chua. The event’s theme was the Situation and Outlook on Asian Refineries, which was sponsored by Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities and featured a renowned oil expert. Subsequently, Jojo Aquino, Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities’ EVP for Domestic Institutional Sales, introduced Richard Gory, Managing Director of JBC Energy Asia Pte Ltd., one of the largest oil consulting firms in the region. While Mr. Gory engaged in a comprehensive discussion of the Global Refinery Industry, an opulent oriental feast was served to the participants. Mr. Gory discussed the evolution of Asian Refineries and the current demand and supply dynamics of oil that have played significant roles in the current oil price trend.

Following Mr. Gory’s in-depth presentation of the Asian Refinery Industry was an open forum facilitated by Mr. Aquino, discussing the potential implications of the current oil price trends to particular Asian Refineries.
The June GMM was deemed a success given the luscious oriental banquet and a vibrantly insightful outlook and comprehensive discussion on Asian Refineries. The event officially ended after the closing remarks by Mr. Frederico D. Ocampo, FMAP Treasurer and Finance Committee Head, as he expressed gratitude to the event’s sponsor and looked ahead to the upcoming FMAP events, particularly the Annual Awards Night.


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