Update to PSE Alphalist GR 213860 – Reply (and Opposition to Motion to Lift TRO) to Respondents’ Comment with Motion to Lift TRO

Romulo Mabanta, Counsel for Petitioners ( which includes TOAP ) received last 18 February 2015 a Notice from the Supreme Court that the said Court issued a Resolution dated 21 January 2015 wherein the Supreme Court resolved to:

(a) note the Manifestation dated 14 November 2014 filed by the OSG in compliance with the resolution dated 18 November 2014, informing the Court that it has furnished Petitioners, through their counsel, with annexes to the Comment;

(b) note the Manifestation/Compliance (with the resolution dated 18
November 2014) dated 9 December 2014 filed by the OSG informing the Court of the filing of the above Manifestation; and

(c) grant the motions for extension of time until 15 January 2015 within which to file Reply to Comment (with motion to lift the TRO) filed by the Petitioners.

To date, there have been no movements on the case. Since there is an existing TRO in  favor of Petitioners, Romulo Mabanta had refrained from following up/checking with the Supreme Court for developments.